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The Best Glow in the Dark Products

Here are some of my top favourite glow products on the market at the moment.


The classic glow in the dark stick. of course I had to put this up first. These glow sticks have been on the club scene for years. The glow bracelet seems to be taking it's place though.


Glow bracelets easy to use and carry. The glow in the dark bracket is popular with all ages great for parties, clubs and events.


Make light shapes in the air with these glow finger lights another great one for all ages.


Can't find your phone to turn the alarm off in a morning? how about this glow in the dark Iphone. Never loose it again!


I can't say I'm a huge fan of tattoos, I like them just on other people I think. These tattoos glow under UV lamps showing the awesome images and designs.



A more serious one here the High Visibility Jacket used in the work place and on those cold dark winter nights. The high visibility jacket saves lives, Human and mans best friend the dog. The high vis jacket glows bright in lights such as cars.


Glow in the dark tape. When the lights go out this tape could be a great safety feature to point out edges of steps or walls. Use it in Concerts back stage as markers.


Glow in the dark cycle helmet. Used with the high vis jacket you'll stand out in the dark on your bike.


Ok so maybe having a glow in the dark bike as well as a helmet and high vis jacket might be a little over kill but the frame on its own is another great safety idea and if your into your bike tricks this will look great performing an amazing stunt.


No need to be afraid of the dark anymore. These cool glow in the dark stars will help anyone drift off into a good nights sleep.

I just had to put these classic glow in the dark shutter shades into the hall of fame. Not to everyone's taste I'm sure.


The all time favourite the glow in the dark t-shirt so many possibilities and loved by everyone!



Glow in the dark braces. Great for that smart casual look when your out on the town. These neon suspenders will defiantly get you noticed.


Another clubbers classic glow in the dark gloves.


This glow in the dark tie comes in a range of tacky styles... if you like that sort of thing.


Embarrassed of your braces/retainer? Make a statement instead. Braces come in a wide range of colours and of course glow in the dark ones.


Glow in the dark suit jacket.


Always loosing your keys? who would have thought to turn out the lights to find them. Simply attach a glow in the dark keyring like this one and they will be much easier to find.


Glow in the dark gaming dice


Glow in the dark skeleton costume. A Halloween classic!


Glow in the dark paint


A little more secure than the clip glow bracelets is this glow in the dark wrist band.


Glow in the dark stickers ideal for kids bedroom walls.


A safety one again glow in the dark paint incase of a blackout. this will help get you to safety.


Support Movember with this glow in the dark Moustache necklace.


Glow in the dark USB storage device. Never loose your USB again with this glowing USB device.


A trendy set of glow in the dark trainers.


Another great glow in the dark product for all you clubbers out there.


Glow in the dark ear rings


Glow in the dark iPod stereo docking system


I came across an awesome You Tube video showing this table being made. They started by making the table as normal, sanding and carving out the groves. They then used glow in the dark powder mixed with resin and poured it into the groves. Once it dried they sanded and finished off the table. It glows really well in the dark and is a quirky idea for a dining table to be used inside and out.

Here's the link for the You Tube video for this awesome glow table: YouTube Link


Redesigned book cover of the Harry Potter series by Kincso Nagy.
A great way to represent the magic of this iconic series. Inside these glow Harry Potter books are even pull out and pop up illustrations. A great way to bring an already great read to life.


Got to love these glow in the dark motorbikes!


A new glow clothing web site! Glow Clothing and lot's of it. Loads of unique glow in the dark designs, dresses, accessories and more. Neon t-shirts, hooded tops and one of the biggest range of glow in the dark women's clothing.




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Glow In The Dark Iron Man, Arc Reator T-Shirt

Glow In The Dark Skull T-Shirt

Glow In The Dark Headphones T-Shirt

Please let us know your thoughts on our glow products page.

i want The classic glow in the dark much it costs ? and how long delivery to indonesia ?
2016-08-22 23:28:55

how much is the glow in the dark suit jacket for?
2015-11-18 08:26:25

Great products, some awesome ideas thanks
2015-05-01 01:27:19

I make some pretty awesome glow clothing and products. Can make a lot of custom stuff. Can I get stuff on your website?
2015-04-21 03:26:46

looking for indian portals where I get the above stuff for a dance show in my school.If u hav any info let me know pls
2015-03-22 07:30:53

The only supplier we know of and can recommend is They do glow in the dark products as well as glow clothing.
2015-03-23 01:15:35

Please be aware this is not a shop page. This site is purely for inspiration. There are links to some of the shops but the rest are unknown products from unknown sources.
2015-01-05 02:51:00

cant give phone number to contc
2014-12-22 07:15:41

Hi, are your glow cycle helmets made with high-grade Strontium Aluminate pigment ?.What is the price and U.K availability please ?.
2014-10-19 13:28:10

Not sure of the supplier of these. doesnt have any in stock that I have seen but will ask for you.
2015-03-23 01:16:54

Hi there hosting a talent show at my school and the theme is glow in the dark really like lots of the stuff specially the glow in the dark jacket as a costume for the host where and how can I purchase the merchandise also what size does the jacket come in?
2014-10-09 18:33:25

how much is for the glow in d dark jacket
2014-08-19 11:35:38

where can i buy glow in the dark paints here in Dubai?
2014-07-22 06:16:33

What sort of Glow paints are you after? I havent come across any suppliers specific to Dubai however most places Im sure will post out to Dubai
2014-07-22 13:15:27

how much for the glow in the dark jacket?!?
2014-06-28 21:51:13

how much for the paint and what colors do you have
2014-06-28 00:54:00

Can I like have 2 freaking colors? Just pink and blue
2014-07-10 03:15:39

Need some prices on glo paint and the available colors
2014-04-23 08:23:24

hi ! how long do they last for ?
2014-09-20 12:39:14

Thanks for your comment.What is the glow paint being used for? T-shirt printing? Painting onto walls?
2014-04-23 09:41:39

Brand new comment script is now up and running, want to ask us where to find awesome glow in the dark products? Or have you got any suggestions on your own glow in the dark products you have bought? Why not leave us a comment.
2014-04-11 11:10:46

Some great ideas and Im a big fan of
2014-04-11 11:11:52

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